Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pen Sketch

Pen Sketch is the outcome of my thoughts on sketching! I learned to sketch more than 10 years ago and since then it has become a necessary tool in my career and a personal passion! Here is one of my freehand drawings:

I tried to figure out what’s going through my mind when I sketch and translate it into computer codes. The result is an android app which I think produces similar sketches as I do!
I don’t like to sketch with pencils because they tend to fade away after a while. I like fine point pens. I also don’t like to add hatches to resemble the shades. I like a clean sketch formed by clean lines on a nice paper! And that’s what exactly Pen Sketch does! I am putting some samples for you guys here, I tried to use Pen Sketch to create freehand sketches from some of the photos that I took while visiting my favorite places. Also some of the places that I hope to visit someday! (I got the pictures online!) try out "Pen Sketch" if you have an android phone/tablet and let me know what you think! Create some sketches from your own photos and share them with me! I will put them on this blog.

Downtown Dallas, On my way to work

From my trip to Chicago

Boston Public Library

Trolley in Dallas, On my way to work

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